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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> more gun violence in oakland, this time father is killed as he slept. >> family members realized he was dead when they went to wake him up. lisa amin gulezian is live in oakland. >> lisa: we're here on east 28th avenue where those who live around here call this a quiet neighborhood most of the time. this morning was not one of those times. a drive-by shooting killed father of four. >> came here to have kids over here. >> the family's life permanently changed at 3:00 to this morning. the moment a drive-by shooter sprayed their house with bullets.
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one shop went through the bedroom. the father of father was sleeping and died instantly. >> i was calling his name but he wasn't responding. >> his daughter and two other siblings were home. she says she has no idea why this happened but the teenager does admit violence has struck her home before. >> in one year, just happened in one year, they randomly happened. >> what happened? >> like, just -- go by me house and then leave. >> some of the holes are from two other drive-by shootings hat happened here. the oakland police won't corn firm whether he was the intended target. >> i have no clue why they would want to shoot at this house. >> the gunfire woke up a neighbor. >> some violence comes close to the holidays, reminds you there are people who insist on getting through life that way.
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>> and now life will slowly move on without thornmen. he and his family imgreeted from cam boat -- cambodia two decades ago. his wife and children plan to move out of the neighborhood as soon as possible. >> police have not made any arrests. this was oakland's 105th 105th homicide of the year. >> some amazing video from a vallejoy the driver of a pickup truck slammed through a safeway story. firefighters found the luck in the store. nobody was hurt. >> luckily at this moment of the day we just had several customers leave. and at that moment the was nobody in the front lobby. we were very lucky no one was hurt. another time of day, could have ban different story.
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>> the fire department hasn't given us the reason why the car went into the store. the store manager says the caringaccelerated into the building. >> the world is celebrating international human rights, and there was march to union square. we're along the route. >> reporter: actually just about 45 minutes ago or so they did make their way here into union square. you can see they have kind over mixed in with the crowd that is usually here, the holiday crowd that is here at union square. let me show you the video we shot at the beginning of the march. they stage at justin herman plaza. this was the first march. they do this every saturday, but this is the first march since the campers were cleared out of the plaza this week, and we do notice this particular crowd was a little bit smaller than the marchers we usually see each week. again, they made their way down
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market street, and then eventually made their way into union square, where they have been rallying inside union square now for about the last 45 minutes or so. it's been interesting to watch this because it is a mix of demonstrators and a whole lot of shoppers. obviously with just about two weeks until christmas, whole lot of people toting their shopping bags around. we have been noticing the demonstrators are probably going to be moving back into traffic again so it's going to be a pretty good orchestration for the police as they usually have in these events to get them through traffic again. reporting live at union square, abc-7 news. >> newt gingrich's campaign is in damage control. a senior palestinian leaders are demanding an apology after a comment gingrich made yesterday, calling the palestinians a, quote, invested people. >> the jewish people have a right to have a state, and the commitments at the time -- there was no palestine.
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atit's part of the ottoman empi, and we have had an invented palestinian people who are in fact arabs. >> an apology didn't come from gingrich's campaign, but his spokesperson did issue a sometime this morning, reading, gingrich supports a negotiated peace agreement between israel and the palestinians which will necessarily clue agreement between israel and the palestinians over the borders of a palestinian state. the carr coiferls -- controversy comes with only a couple of weeks to go before the iowa caucus. looks like a two-man race. here's the latest. >> before tonight's high, stake show crowne the republican candidates got in a little campaigning. >> not just some game of running for president. >> newt gingrich comes in with big-time momentum, leading here in iowa and also at the top of the field in several key early vote states.
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now that he has a giant bulls eye on his back, can beginning beginning defend -- gingrich defend himself without sounding defensive. and mitt mitt was asked to define the differences between him and gingrich. >> i'll be doing that tonight, thank you. i'm sure we'll get plenty of opportunities to talk about our similarities and differences. >> just how far will romney go to stop gingrich's momentum? his supporters have not been shy when it comes to the former house speaker. >> his mind isn't so hot and his discipline and commitment of terrible. >> but romney tried to distance himself from comments like that. >> i can't write a script for the people that support me. >> tonight's debate will be a battle to show which candidate can show they're the most conservative, and the one with the best chance to beat president obama. top republicans near iowa say that with so many undecided voters, it's still anybody's ball game. >> i possibly could flip a coin, you know.
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there's pros and cons about each one. >> romney needs a game-changing moment and fast. tonight may be his best chance to get it. >> the debate will be moderated by diane sawyer and george step >> the seventh annual youth empowerment work workshop happened today. >> students teaching other students how to become an ally, how to intervene if you hear someone calling someone names, how can you stop that and intervene in a way that you're still safe and it's about the adults making sure that a good knopp -- nondiscrimination and antibullying policies are implemented.
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>> one official says the biggest problem with keeping schools safe is nonenforcement of antibullying rules by adults. >> three women who risked their lives to transform their nations received the nobel peace prize today. up next, the remarkable women and how they're changing the world. >> and that famous golden oscar me a become an endangered species this award season. >> i'm leigh glaser, kind of a cool, hazy day today. not as cold overnight. and cloud move in, could bring us some showers. we look at@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñúñúñ
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>> the nobel peace prize was awarded to three women. the honorees are africa's first demcrat which i electedle president. and a woman who helped in a decade of war with little more than protests and prayer, and a woman, the cofounder and women journalist, a female icon of the protest movement in yemen. they took on powerful, dangerous men to demand what is right for every citizen. >> a labor dispute could mean no oscar trophies at next year's academy awards. workers and manager at the company are fighting over a proposed wage freeze and benefit cuts. the company makes the 13-1/2 inch golden statuettes and makes the awards for the emmys. but the academy claims it has enough for the show in february. >> san jose's music in the park series is ending after a 23-year
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run. the downtown association officially pulled the plug on the free summer concerts. the cost of producing the concerts have gone up while revenue from food and beer sales had fallen. the money raised paid for other free public events at the farmers market and outdoor movie series and an ice rink. >> a rare sellessal phenomenonam. it took 50 minutes. we'll show you in 25 seconds. >> we could see showers this week. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> a december tradition take place in san francisco to honor those who sacrificed for their country. >> santa made a special visit to military families in the south bay. the story when we
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>> volunteers laid wreaths on headstones at san francisco's presidio national cemetery today. >> at the twilights last gleaming ♪ >> the ceremony is part of wreaths across america, held every year on the second saturday in december. 95-year-old army commander ulysses moore was month the honorees. he fought in world war ii and the korean war. wreaths across america begannin'
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1991. >> mountain view was the site of an event to give military families a taste of the holidays. they helped nearly a thousand families. they arrived on the santa claus train, eager to get a look at the toys. >> affects the service member and their family. they have to carry on while the service member is off doing his job. so this is a good way to help them out and providing services they wouldn't have a clue about. >> the day included seeing santa there, and a big line of kids wanting to give him their list for criminals. >> you may have seen a reddish moon pass through the earth's shadow in a turtle lunar eclipse this morning. this is a time lapse look at the eclipse from our sutro camera.
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we won't see another total lunar eclipse until 2014. this one was visibility throughout the western united states and the best view was right here on the west coast. >> if you woke up for it. >> leigh: it was great out there yeah. >> oh, hi. >> hello. >> a little pause there. >> leigh: some high clouds moving in and may get a few showers in here tomorrow. we'll take a look at it in just a moment. a live look from the high definition santa cruz cam there. beautiful sun setting. high clouds in the distance there. in fact here's a look at the closeup satellite. you can see that while we started off clear earlier this morning, you can see how some of those high clouds are slowly starting to drift third bay area. and a hazy sky today, and listen to the haze, and high clouds, temperatures actually came down from two toes a much as five degrees. these high clouds will also help
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to insulate us aing bit tonight, so possibly not as cold as the past self nightses right now it's chilly. san francisco, 51 degrees. 53 in mountain view. livermore, 53, and 53 for our friends in san jose. here's a look at the highlights. as we head through the next several days. high clouds overnight. not as cold. temperatures inland in the 30s and possibly not into the upper 20s. cloudy with a few showers. some showers returning to the bay area by tomorrow afternoon, and then once this little impulse moves in, start to dry things up again as we get into monday afternoon, tuesday, and women's it's still a "spare the air" night. no wood burning, and please, folks around the bay area this evening. temperature-wise, 38 for napa. 46, san francisco, 33 for livermore. and 35 for morgan hill. and let's look at what you can
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expect tomorrow. we have been under high pressure the past several weeks. no rain in sight. things are slowly going to start to change as we head into tomorrow afternoon. you can see the jet stream pushing towards the south. this weak cold front is going to help to usher in the clouds overnight, and the possibility of as it drags across the bay area, mid-day tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, wringing out a few showers. our timing on the system looks like this. the clouds overnight tonight, but check out by mid-day, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, moisture moving in, and as the frontal system moves throughss moves thy night, it's going to fall apart. so trace, maybe less than a quarter inch of rainfall out of this system, and then by monday afternoon, we'll see some clear skies. here's a look at the highs for sunday. 56 for campbell. 55 for san jose. if you see the showers, the majority of them will have them laid in the afternoon tomorrow. 55 for mountain view.
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52 for pacifica. a cool day tomorrow with moisture around and the clouds, downtown san francisco, 53. north bay, we look for it to be clearer there. 55, santa rosa. east bay, oakland, 54. 55 fremont. interior east bay, trace amounts of rain tomorrow afternoon. danville, 53. 54, concord. and breezy conditions near monterey bay. 52. 56 for gilroy. the seven-day forecast. a few showers. on sunday, maybe a few drops south of san jose. monday morning, and then it's over with. tuesday, wednesday, we're dry, a shot for showers thursday night and friday. >> thanks, leigh. >> shu expires football to talk about. >> a little bit of everything, college dispoobl the pros. one playoff game with the 49ers and the ccsf won the state title. got your highlights next in
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>> mike: the 49ers need to continue improving if the want to make noise in the post season and that needs to start in the red zone. the last 15 trips to the red zone, san francisco managed only three touchdowns and 11 field goal attempts. during that span, alex smith complete five of 17 passes for 44 yards and two touchdowns and one interception in the zone you need touchdowns in the red zone, not field goals. >> need to improve, and we will.
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so, we're still doing a lot of good things and not playing our best where it matters most. >> mike: they're in arizona tomorrow. the raiders coming off a bad loss in miami with the packers waiting in green bay. aaron rodgers has led the defending super bowl champions to a 12-0 record and if you remember, the packers one of the last teams to get into last year's postseason and made a run to the title. >> the team is where they were right now. they went on a run and stayed on a run. they're now 12-0, and you can date back to the games they won prior to that. why not the raiders. >> city college gunning for the state title, hosting mt. san san antonio. 7-0 rams. then they pull out the bag of tricks. the double reverseney -- reverse flea flicker. another state title for the
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rams. they win it 52-42. >> in cs division 1 title game, de la salle and san ramon valley, and they world could not stop pepe. looking for their 20th ncs division 1 title. >> let's go to orlando, the peewees from oakland see their run end today. washington, dc beats the wildcats. congratulations on a great season. >> one of the greatest rivalries in college football, army versus navy. navy looking for their tenth straight win over army. president obama flipping the coin toss. two rushing touchdowns including this one. go to the fourth. navy up six. black knights driving in navy territory, and fieldman and navy wins their tenth straight, 27-21 the final.
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>> college football. sam houston state and montana state. check out this catch. makes his sick catch. on his helmet. behind his back to hold on to it. up believable. son jose state moves into the semifinals with the victory. >> in cincinnati, an unbelievable scene at the end of the xavier cincy game. we have an all-out brawl. a punch opens up a huge cut on an eye. the refs cancelled the final nine seconds. xavier wins. expect a lot of suspensions after the fight. >> braun in milwaukee tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. he could be suspended five games next season. the heisman trophy coming up but we won't have it live. >> you want to call it before? >> i'm pulling for andrew luck. that's all i can say.
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we'll have that for you at 11:00. the republican debate is more important. >> thank you so much. how do you top a neighbor who goes over the top with his christmas lights?
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>> a family in oregon decided to give up trying to compete with their neighbor's elaborate christmas light display. >> they're famous for hand-pavemented decorations and moving display. the next door neighbor took a different approach put up a line that


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